Our Mission

ResearchWave.com is an intelligent management, distribution and sales platform for research. Our goal is to provide the investment community with easy access to a comprehensive library of research and consulting, both as a primary source of research and as a compliment to in–house or sell–side research.

Our Goal

ResearchWave intends to assist you by organizing your third–party research. Not only is it easy to retrieve relevant research on our system, but also we organize your billing and payments through automated processing. Using ResearchWave, it’s easy to manage all aspects of subscriptions for yourself and your group. Unique to ResearchWave, you can pay for your research using hard–dollars and/or soft–dollars generated with firms you trade through. There is no fee to use ResearchWave, and our Fair Pricing Policy guarantees that subscriptions obtained through our platform are the best rates you can get from these third–party independent research providers.

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20 October 2009