The innovation division of PLATFORMedia develops software applications related to its core technology development. These applications can be licensed either as complete, stand–alone applications, or licensed for development, customization and integration within existing applications.  Following are some examples of applications that make use of our technology’s potential. :

PLATFORMedia creates “computer intelligence” software that automates and improves the scope, value and speed of knowledge extraction from structured and unstructured data stores.

Built on a proprietary concept–matching technology that is uniquely effective in its competitive field, PLATFORMedia provides personal computer (PC) users with powerful intelligence mining capabilities across a wide variety of text formats, independent of language and indifferent of source – local drives, Intranet, subscription feeds, or the Internet.

PLATFORMedia ’s products are aimed at companies that have a large distributed population of knowledge workers with a high degree of shareable knowledge – particularly in research–intensive areas such as legal, consulting or finance, where return on investment will be highest. The premise is simple: people are expensive; intelligent use of computers is cheap. PLATFORMedia generates business efficiencies by automating time–consuming tasks previously addressed manually by humans, transferring knowledge–work efforts to spare processing power of PCs.

Our products have a broad applicability in the personal computer (PC) space – both in remote, stand–alone format (desktop solution) and within a community of PC users that need to share knowledge in order to increase/preserve intellectual assets. Equipped with our easy to use technology, PCs become “intelligent assistants” doing personalized data retrieval and mining for their users – and becoming smarter with every new use.

As importantly, our solutions develop and preserve intellectual capital, leveraging underutilized data assets into powerful a competitive advantage. Ultimately, PLATFORMedia adds value to clients by:

  • Transforming existing PCs into personalized “knowledge–assistants”

  • Unlocking and mining relevant information from surrounding data noise

  • Reducing costs by saving time for valuable human resources

  • Increasing resource utilization by unleashing spare processing power of PCs

  • Using inter–PC collaboration to turn expert learning into community knowledge

PLATFORMedia ’s innovative software combines two core technologies: Concept Processing and Distributed (P2P) Computing. Using our unique combination of statistical and natural language algorithms, concept–modeling and distributed intelligence platforms, PCs are transformed into powerful knowledge extraction tools able to “understand” text and “learn” content – independent of language – and can draw on distributed information from a variety of formats. For a demonstration of our flagship product, Research_Edge_, contact us for additional information.

20 October 2009